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Looking for that elite range of fluted panels for your ceilings and walls? If the answer is affirmative, welcome to the world of Pare Innovations, where you get to explore some of the most outstanding louvers wall panels to give out a try! Using different materials, we have created the best-looking designer wooden panels for your walls. It helps in enhancing the outlook of your place big time. And the best part is that you don’t have to burn a hole in the pocket to get your hands on these wooden panels for your ceilings and walls now!

10 year warranty*
Replicates Real Wood
Water Proof
Maintenance free
Easy to Install
Seamless once installed
Anti - Bacterial
Unique Interlocking
Custom Sizing
Profiles with same shades
Bug & Insect Proof
Fire Retardent

Just give us a call at +91 8356954856, or you can email us your needs at, and you will be impressed with the variety of options waiting for you to get your hands on.

PARE Soffit Louvers Panels will enhance the look of your walls, with so many designs to choose from while looking to decorate interior wall panels in India, make sure to get in line with the entire look of the room before making the right arrangement over here.

PARE Soffit Louvers are made of a special formulation consisting of PVC + 13 different components that grant its functionality as well as aesthetic.

It is true that you will be spending quite some of your hard-earned money on the Soffit louvers wall panel. So, you want the best deals and enjoy the products to last for a long time. Well, our Soffit Louvers Panels is what makes the best deal for you to invest some bucks in!

 These panels are a perfect combination of nature and technology at their best.

  • They offer a superior, resilient and cost-effective alternative to real wooden paneling.
  • These louver panels are noted to be pre-finished and all set to install. No additional process before installation is required
  • Our wooden panel for the wall is completely termite and waterproof and durable enough to last that lifetime.

So, once invested, these panels are here to last for a long time.

Wide applications to say the least:

The louver panels can further be used for beautifying the interior walls and ceilings in offices, homes, healthcare, hotels, health clubs, education institutes and recreational facilities. There won’t be any form of deformation, discoloration, or even going bad at the same time.

Get to our interior wall panels in India right away for that top-notch quality look to your home! Once invested, there is no turning back from thereon. These panels are here to stay the longest!

Imperial_Walnut_Bedroom (1)

An exceptional and impeccable feature of our product is perforated panels.

This flawless arrangement within the ceiling and soffit panels adds an extra comfort for your space. Because, the perforations or small porous area within the panels enables a free air flow.

As a result, an air transfer happens from one area to the other. Such a provision avoids any heat accumulation on the area above. This allows for regular ventilation to the room.

And, thus, it leads to a lesser AC consumption over a period of time. So, it ensures substantial cost saving for you!

Being the only manufacturer, PARÉ can give custom sizing in Soffit systems if you have a sizable requirement.

You Draw We will make it

Any Size Required


Any length is possible

Due to the state-of-the-art Technology, PARÉ  can provide custom sizing option to its consumers for a minimal of 5000 sq.ft ONLY.
soffit-louvers 1B

(Custom size of 1.8m being used to reduce wastage down to 3-5% only)

(Custom size of 6.2m being used to depict graneur of the large area)

(Custom size of 1.2m being used to ensure material waste is very minimal.)

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