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Pare Innovations is here and ready to help you explore the world of facade systems to give you the best it has to offer with their new range of Dura+ exterior façade systems. If you need help with facade cladding, you have come to the right spot. 

10 year warranty*
Replicates Real Wood
Water Proof
Maintenance free
Easy to Install
Seamless once installed
Anti - Bacterial
Unique Interlocking
Custom Sizing
Profiles with same shades
Bug & Insect Proof
Fire Retardent
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Pare Dura+ system is unique high-quality panels that gives your exteriors a modern look and also helps in increasing the aesthetic appeal of construction or building. With us, you get the opportunity to choose from multiple shapes, finishes, and shades making our Dura+ system appealing to the architects out there. Dura+ systems are launched in two different collections- the Norma and the Stretta collection.

Pare India is all set to offer the complete support that any ideal cladding system is in need. From us, you can get a wide range of products to match the flexibility of your projects. We will adjust every project after learning about your needs. Some of the best cladding systems we have in store are Dura+ Norma and Dura+ Stretta. These Systems will ensure not only preserve the integrity of your building structure but also the aesthetic. You can expect us to add more exterior grade paneling systems from PARÉ

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An exceptional and impeccable feature of our product is perforated panels.

This flawless arrangement within the ceiling and soffit panels adds an extra comfort for your space. Because, the perforations or small porous area within the panels enables a free air flow.

As a result, an air transfer happens from one area to the other. Such a provision avoids any heat accumulation on the area above. This allows for regular ventilation to the room.

And, thus, it leads to a lesser AC consumption over a period of time. So, it ensures substantial cost saving for you!

Being the only manufacturer, PARÉ can give custom sizing in Soffit systems if you have a sizable requirement.

You Draw We will make it

Any Size Required


Any length is possible

Due to the state-of-the-art Technology, PARÉ  can provide custom sizing option to its consumers for a minimal of 5000 sq.ft ONLY.
soffit-louvers 1B

(Custom size of 1.8m being used to reduce wastage down to 3-5% only)

(Custom size of 6.2m being used to depict graneur of the large area)

(Custom size of 1.2m being used to ensure material waste is very minimal.)

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